HM12CJ Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy Machine

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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, as a non-invasive treatment method, has been used in the treatment of various orthopedic diseases and chronic pain in recent years.

The mechanisms of shock waves in the treatment of soft tissue pain may be:

1.Mechanical action, destruction of calcified and fibrotic tissue;

2.Analgesia, reverse stimulation of sensory nerves or axonal reflexes emanating from thin afferent fibers and dorsal root reflex impulses can release substance P at the peripheral end and stimulate pain receptors to block the increase in pain stimulation (gate control theory);

3.Tissue regeneration, improve blood perfusion and angiogenesis, increase mesenchymal stem cells, increase growth factors, Boost metabolism, etc.

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1.Non-invasive, no broken skin

2.Make thermal energy penetrate the human body

3.Through pure physical properties, human body temperature can reach 42℃

4.To be used in conjunction with a coupling agent or Chinese herbal essential oils

5.Adjustable pressure and frequency pressure up to 10bars; frequency up to 21 Hz

6.Detailed operation with 8 inches color touch screen

7.High quality package, OEM&ODM is supported.


It targets the primary lesions of the body, awakens the self-healing ability of cells, and achieves the effect of internal massage through mechanical effects. Especially effective for a series of pains caused by lesions of the shoulder, cervical spine and soft tissue! (To be used in conjunction with coupling agent or Chinese herbal essential oils)


It lets the deep cells activate, especially when using Chinese herbal medicine or some essential oils to activate the cells before operating the shock wave. Then it uses the shockwave to hit the necrotic cells.



Model No. HM12CJ
Type Vertical Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy Machine
Color White
Size 98*40.5*40cm
Screen Size 8 inches
Weight 36kg
Energy range Energy range:0.5~10bar; Frequency range:1~21HZ
Frequency range 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Output Class Ⅱ
Instrument Classification vertical pneumatic shockwave
Certification White




Material name Quantity
host machine 1pc
handle 1pc
handle base 1pc
power cord 1pc
foot switch 1pc
treatment head accesspries 6pcs



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