• OEM Mini Massage Gun–Portable& Powerful

    OEM Mini Massage Gun–Portable& Powerful

    After an injury or exercise, the human body repairs itself, but at a slower rate. Percussive Massager can instantly relieve the user’s pain through intense vibration, wake up the muscles of the whole body, trigger myofascial release and enhance the body’s ability to regenerate cells and self-repair. Users can set intensity anywhere from a gentler, toning 900RPM to an intense 3200 deep tissue massage, or anywhere in between.

  • Portable Pocket Massage Gun–Mini

    Portable Pocket Massage Gun–Mini

    Mini is a super mini body massager that can be put in a pocket.

    This fascia gun is designed to provide users with the most professional massage and intimate care. Despite its small size, it still offers 4 different speed levels, a massage frequency of 900-320rmp per minute, which helps to effectively relieve muscle stiffness, and a noiseless and portable mini-size design that allows users to be at the home, office, or on the go use it. Users can enjoy powerful percussion therapy wherever they are.

  • Athletes Professional Deep Massage Gun–Pro2

    Athletes Professional Deep Massage Gun–Pro2

    Pro2 is a professional body massager. Professional athletes or those with a lot of muscle mass can deeply relieve muscle soreness with powerful muscle presses. At the same time, for fasciitis patients, deep fascial compression can help promote muscle repair, promote blood flow, and relieve lactic acid.

    This massage gun is not only suitable for relieving muscle tension before exercise, but also for relaxing muscles after exercise. It is also a very effective massager for long-term sedentary office workers, rechargeable and portable which comes with a storage bag for use wherever you want.

  • Handheld Professional Massage Gun–M2

    Handheld Professional Massage Gun–M2

    M2 is suitable for pre-and post-workout use, it has 8 intensity levels, and offers a touchscreen on the side of the ergonomically designed handle that allows users to control running speed and intensity and enjoy great battery life. It is rechargeable, lightweight, and cordless. Its quality of lightweight and portable making it the perfect addition to a gym bag with a protective storage compartment.

  • Professional Body Massage Gun–Lightsaber

    Professional Body Massage Gun–Lightsaber

    Lightsaber uses intelligent strike control technology to monitor the pressure exerted by the user, providing them with an intense, deep, and gentle massage to accelerate blood flow, relieve soreness from muscle strains, and reduce the risk of potential injury, and speed up recovery. This portable handheld fascia gun with a very good-looking flash model is the best choice for young fitness people. The intelligent screen-off function can provide more scientific and considerate protection for the user’s health.