• Focused Shockwave Therapy Machine–Swave200

    Focused Shockwave Therapy Machine–Swave200

    The SWAVE-200 shockwave therapy device uses the electromagnetic wave effect to generate mechanical shock waves, which can penetrate the human tissue, focus on the diseased part of the body, and act on the painful part of the body through the over-focused shock wave to stimulate tissue healing, regeneration, and repair, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

    The production of a sufficient amount of collagen is a necessary precondition for the repair process- es to the damaged myoskeletal and ligamentous structures.

    The SWT technology accelerates the removal of nociceptive metabolites, increases oxygenation, and supplies the damaged tissue with a source of energy. It supports the removal of histamine, lactic acid, and other irritating agents.